• “New Biz@Bandhan, Bandhan Bank’s Corporate Internet Banking services manages your business banking instantly in a convenient manner and with no compromise on security. The New Corporate Internet Banking platform comes with enhanced features for your transactional and non-transactional business needs.
  • Important Notification : Please note once you have migrated to the new Biz@Bandhan platform , you will not be able to return to the previous corporate Internet banking platform. However, all your previous access , transactions and service requests will be automatically moved into the new platform. ”
  • Use complex password and change it periodically.
  • Never share your Internet Banking password with others, even family members. Do not reveal them with Bandhan Bank employee.
  • Don’t access internet banking on public Wi-Fi.


New Biz@Bandhan
  • Simplified user experience with user friendly dashboard and enhanced security features
  • Single User ID based access for Sole Proprietorship accounts
  • New corporate Admin module to manage corporate users at their own convenience
  • Seamless bulk transfer with multiple payment options ( IMPS, NEFT, RTGS & IFT)
  • Standing Instruction capability to manage the future and recurring payments
  • Availability of multiple online service requests